Kampong jeugd wint in België / Kampong youth wins in Antwerp

On 01 October, Kampong was invited to play a game in Antwerp against the AICC team, we arrived with a mixed Kampong team with U15 and U13 players, only to see that our opposition was all U15 and U16 players, big and tall and we were told to park our cars carefully because they were capable of hitting sixes that could damage the car. It was a private field owned by the Indians in diamond business., with the backdrop of a huge temple that helped us later. 

The host team batted first with some big buys. They lost the nr. one opener in the first over cleaned up by a swinging delivery from Parth, the other opener got run out. They managed to get 120 in 30 overs with 4 run outs and we gave them 44 extra runs mostly in form of wides.

Kampong began safely and surely with Yash (7) and Kunesh (3). After Kunesh left, Pierre( 50) joined Yash and they had a great partnership. After that Samanyu  scored 17 runs. There was a big partnership between the two that took Kampong to 85 for 2, when Pierre had to retire as he reached a very well compiled 50. At that moment it seemed that Kampong was sailing before the kids had other plans. Wickets started to tumble, bu in the end Kampong reached the target in 28.2 overs with 5 run outs so Kampong not only beat the other team in runs but also in run outs and in extra's  given by us. The blessings from the temple also helped Kampong to win.

This was a very good experience and the hosts were very nice and friendly.
(Ashwani Chauhan)
(Antwerp youth teams also take part in the KNCB youth competition under the banner of Sparta 1888 in Capelle a/d IJssel, red.)














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